The vestry functions as the governing council or board of St. Paul's, sharing ministry with the parish rector. In the Episcopal system of checks and balances, the rector is ultimately responsible for some things (worship, music, use of the building, etc.) while the vestry is ultimately responsible for others (finances and stewardship, upkeep of the buildings, etc.). Together with the rector, the vestry is responsible for the health and welfare of the congregation.

St. Paul's has a large vestry made up of 15 elected members (five of whom are elected each year for a three year term) along with the rector who is an ex-officio member and who presides at the vestry meetings (unless the rector chooses, as Fr. Jim does, to delegate that function to someone else, in St. Paul's case, the senior warden).

There are four vestry officers at St. Paul's, a senior warden appointed by the rector, a junior warden, treasurer, and clerk, who are elected from within the vestry by the vestry members.




Sid Friend, Senior Warden

Glen Ashcraft, Junior Warden

Bob Nebb, Clerk

Patrick Pritchett, Treasurer


Sonja Nash

Kathy Vail

Greg Westmoreland

Abby Quinn

Becky Ellison

Caroline Kopp

George Sanford

William Asquith

Sally Brown

Sheila Gray